About Harbourtown Biz

Harbourtown BIZ was established on December 22, 2003, under by-law 166-2003 by the City of Kenora.

The Harbourtown BIZ north boundary starts at City Hall in the west, to the Kenora Shopper’s Mall and Kenora Recreation Centre in the east. It includes all businesses from the northerly boundary south to Lake of the Woods. All businesses within this area are considered members of Harbourtown BIZ, and are encouraged to participate in BIZ activities. There is a 4-person executive elected from the BIZ members, and one member from the current City Council who is appointed.

Our Mandate

The mandate of BIZ is to manage improvement, beautification and maintenance of lands, buildings and structures in the downtown area, and the promotion of the area as a business and shopping area.

Biz Executives

Rob Dokuchie

Alexis Pernsky

Jill Curry

Natasha Stoyakovich

Kirsi Ralko
Council Representative